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Inhome-design.co.uk is powered by Klikmedia B.V.

Klikmedia focuses on the development of websites and systems needed to keep them running. We also take care of the promotion of websites, so people can find us on the web. We do this through google ads, email marketing, search engine optimization and more.

You can find us in Nijmegen (Holland) on industrial site Kerkenbos 1057c.

We usually do not keep the products in stock at our address, for this we have agreements with importers. So when you buy a product at inhome-design.co.uk, we will immediately forward this to the relevant importer, this ensures that the product is sent to you on the same day (unless otherwise indicated)

The advantage is that we do not need to store stock (saves cost) and the products do not have to be sent here first (so no double costs).

That is two times saving.

This enables us of course, to offer the products a bit cheaper on our sites, you as a customer get the benefits.

So We can kill two birds with one stone.





Klikmedia BV

KvK: 09101999

VAT:NL 8074.73.777.B.01


Visiting adres:

Kerkenbos 10-57c

6546 BB  Nijmegen

Tel: 0031244100250


Postal adres:

PO box 6712

6503 GE  Nijmegen