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£ 1,157.00 tax incl.

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Barcelona Chair Set White - Premium Leather

This beautiful 1 on 1 replica of the famous Barcelona Chair differs from other replicas by its meticulous workmanship. The chair is finished to a professional standard. The chair rests on a solid one piece, polished stainless steel frame. This is 202 steel and non-chromed metal. Chrome plating may peel off and polished stainless steel is always beautiful.

The cushions are upholstered with premium quality top-grain (strong & natural look) aniline leather, we have free swatches of the leather available, just send us an email.

For the filling of the pillows there are two types of foam used, a sturdy type of foam for the seat and a softer foam for the backrest. A seat that you will enjoy for many years. All of the materials used are fire resistant. The pictures you see on our website are of the actual seat you get delivered.

  • Top-grain aniline leather
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Free shipping
  • 2 weeks money back guarantee (no questions asked)
  • Includes a set of floor protectors, worth £14,95

Check out these images of our customers chairs in their homes.

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£ 599.00 tax incl.

£ 1,157.00 tax incl.

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Dimensions chair:

  • Depth: 31,75 inch
  • Height: 32,5 inch
  • Width: 29,5 inch
  • Seat height: 19,75 inch
  • Seat depth: 31,75 inch
  • Cushions 3,5 inch!

Dimensions hocker:

  • Depth: 21,25 inch
  • Height: 17,25 inch
  • Width: 23 inch


  • Polished one-piece stainless steel frame
  • Seat upholstered with top-grain cowhide.
  • Comfortable padded seat and back cushions
  • Leather is tight and smooth, upholstered with the perfect amount of tension for a beautiful finish.
  • The backrest of the seat is filled with so-called cold foam which is more comfortable, breathable and flame retardant.
  • The seat is filled with polyether SG 40 which is stronger and therefore better suited for the seat.

The famous German architect Mies van der Rohe designed the Barcelona Chair in 1929 and it was specifically designed for the German Pavilion for the Universal Exhibition held in Barcelona on the same year. In cooperation with architect friend Lily Reich he created this minimalist lounge chair. You can clearly see that the Barcelona Chair has the character of the designer: honest, elegant and functional with no frills. His motto "less is more" shows clearly with this seat.

The Barcelona chair was originally designed for the German Pavilion at the World Exhibition in Barcelona in 1929. With the chair belongs a footstool or stool, in the same materials as the chair itself. The chair bears the clear stamp of the designer: honest, functional, chic and no frills; and with the adage of "less is more" in mind, this has become the final result. The design is inspired by an antique folding chair, which is reflected in the cross shaped constructed, polished stainless steel legs. The chair was originally designed in white leather. Today it is available in several colours.

Today these luxury radiating chairs have found their way into offices and bank buildings.